4th of July Parade  2013

Sugar Creek, MO


The 4th of July parade in Sugar Creek Mo. went off with a blast. The parade started with very pleasant weather and a good turn out of tractors along with a restored truck driven by an old friend. We had several new arrivals in our group and all of the regulars which I greatly appreciated. We always get a good response from the crowd which appreciates our participation in the parade. Glenn Ratzlaff led the group with his 1947 JD A pulling a manure spreader filled with Linda and her friends. Other tractor drivers were Lawrence Walter on a 1945 JD B; Dale Clavin on a 1955 JD 60; Delbert Hooper with a 1954 IH Super C; Maxine Hooper on a 1953 Allis Chalmers CA; Ken Hooper with a 1944 JD B; Aaron Hooper on a 1945 Farmall B; Dale Corum on a 1947 JD M. Newcomer Brad Davis joined the group with an Allis Chalmers CA; Vince Turley drove a JD 60; Donnie Miller had a 1940 BR JD; Wes Storm brought his 1949 JD D; John Peterie had a 1937 JD A; Travis Peterie brought an Allis Chalmers B; Ron Brittain had a 1960 JD 830 and a 1966 IH 1206 driven by Ken Heins; Phil Addison had a 1957 JD 420T; Bob Antes and his granddaughter Addison drove his JD 430W; Gary Antes and Zach drove their Farmall B; John Peterson drove his 1960 Porsche Super; The last tractor was driven by Dan Hanna who pulled his hay wagon on his newly completed running gear. At the end of our group was a restored 1946 Chev. pick up painted in John Deere colors. Thanks to everyone who participated. Glenn


P.S.—The group won 1st Place in the Automotive category----CONGRATULATI0NS