Walking Bridge to Somewhere
Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame

After many years of wear, the bridge over the miniature railroad at the Agricultural Center and Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs was in need of repair or replacement — so said an inspector. Dale Hendrickson, a longtime volunteer, who is always thinking of projects to be done, but not able to do a lot of physical work had a “bridge” thought. In late spring (2018) nine volunteers stepped forward with Lloyd Mesmer, a former bridge builder, as the foreman along with Lars Dahlquist, Larry Henak, Dennis Johannsen, Wayne Jones, Wayne Schuler, John Camerlinck, Charles Antill, and Dale Walker as helpers completed the project in late November (2018). Materials used came from old steel beams from the Museum of Farming, lumber made from damaged power poles that were sawed up by West Star (Dream Team) along with cement for the footings. Inclement weather along with cement problems made the job a real challenge. Today the bridge is a work of art crafted by nine volunteers who spent many hours on it along with other volunteer work as needed in the area. Thanks to all the volunteer hours the men provided to the Ag. Hall of Fame. Many other volunteers also donate their time to a variety of functions — so a big thank you to them also. All volunteers believe in the importance of the Ag. Center and Hall of Fame — if you do also you might think about making a donation.