Blue Springs Parade -- Sept. 23, 2014

Wow! What a parade. The Blue Springs, MO parade took place on Saturday, Sept. 13, 2014 under a beautiful sky. It appeared everyone from Missouri and the surrounding area was at the parade/celebration. Many club members and others participated in the parade which made for a variety of entries. Club members bringing tractors included: Travis Ross (1940 JD H – 1936 JD A), Phil Addison (1957 JD 420T), Ken Heins (1953 Farmall Super M), Steve Suchsland (1949 JD D), Bob Antes and Addison (1960 JD 630), Sharon Antes and Shelley (1945 Farmall B), Ken Antes and Dylan (1960 JD 530), Gary Antes and Zack (1950 JD 430W), Frances Brenner (1949 JD B – 1960 JD manure spreader R), Don Hrabik (1959 JD 430W), John Peterson (Porsche Super), Dan Hanna and Mattie (JD 60), Steven Eagleburger (1950 JD A), Andy Eagleburger with Cartn and Wyatt (1953 JD B), Wes Storm (1959 JD 630), Jarvis Sackman (JD 530) and Paul Owsley, and John Riley (1946 Chev. Pickup). Two riders on the manure spreader included John Cunningham (friend of Don Hrabik) and Ron Brittain (forgot to turn tractor switch off night before resulting in a dead battery so he was being punished for not bringing his tractor). Great parade—you had to be there to enjoy it. Thanks to Wes Storm for his organizational skills.