18 Tractors were present for the annual Blue Spring Fall Fun Festival Parade on Saturday, September 16, 2017.

It was a beautiful day for a Parade in downtown Blue Springs. There was a vary large crowd of children, parents, grandparents and dogs. We had 18 tractors and 6 people accompanying the drivers. Miss Witt and Woody Tom led the group on a 1935 JD B. Also driving tractors were Jay Pruett JD 630, Wes Stegner JD A, Jerry Lee JD 620, Dan Hanna JD 60, John Peterson Porsche Super, Lloyd Mesmer JD 620, Frances Brenner AC G, Justin Mooney JD B, Dave Mooney JD A , Troy Mooney JD A, Steve Eaglebuger JD A, Wes Storm JD D, Bob Antes and Addison JD 630, Sharon Antes JD 430, Gary Antes and Zac IH B, Ken Antes and Dylan JD 530 and Fred and Mays on the Chigger. Everyone had a great time.


Fuzzy was in a hurry, being chased by the Big Chigger