2017 Covered Bridge Antique Power Assn, Tractor Tour

The 15th annual 2 day Tractor Tour was held in Parke County, Rockville, IN on June 24 and 25th with about 180 tractors (day 1) and about 90 tractors (day 2). Day 1: We started on the 52 mile Tour and stopped for a morning break at Turkey Run State Park (table after table of rolls, coffee cakes, pastries, fruits of all types, etc.) Then on thru beautiful treed over ridge roads and covered bridges. Lunch was at a large farmers machine sheds (to much to describe or eat). After noon, more of the same, including large restored homes, and a wedding about to start on a 245 ft. covered bridge over the Wabash River. After another break, and more food, on to more beautiful crops and bridges. Then back for a good pork chop dinner. Day 2: After church service we headed south to find more bridges, great crops, and more good food. Finally, back to the fair grounds for the end of the Tour that included a spread of all types of fruit, cookies, brownies, etc. It was 2 days of driving, looking for what was around the next corner, eating, and visiting. It was truly the Covered Bridge Capital of the World, with 31 bridges and most of them still in use. I can still see and hear the tractors rumbling across the bridges and down the scenic roads. Looking for the next great ride or tour to put on my bucket list.

Wes Storm with his 52 JD A and Bob Antes with his 1960 JD 530 went on this tour.