100 Years of Tractors Event - Olathe KS - May 22, 2018

The Greater Kansas City Two-Cylinder Club was invited to participate in the 100 Years of Tractors event at the John Deere Ag Marketing Center in Olathe, KS. The Club had the follow tractors on display on May 22nd (3-7): Kenny R 1918 Waterloo Boy Model R Chain Steer, 1923 Model D (4th built and oldest known to exist) and 23 Orchard Cultivator; Justin R 1941 Model H; Don H 1959 Model 430W and Model 415 Plow (2-14); Wes S 1952 Model AR; George M 1959 Model 630W, Model 530W and Model 415 Plow (2-16); Joe M 1951 Model R (In Memory of Spike), 1960 730 Diesel Wheatland Standard