GKCTCC Meeting Minutes
Feb 10, 2019, 1:00 p.m.
Trailside Center

President Read opened the meeting with Don Hrabik leading in the Pledge of Allegiance.

President Read ask for approval of the November meeting minutes. Wes Storm moved and Bob Antes seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer Pruett was not available to give financial report at the meeting, but the President mentioned at the end of 2017 the balance was $10,546.96 and the end of 2018 the balance of $9,137.37. The Club will get a full report at the next meeting. The board budget committee met a while back and established a budget for the coming year. The new budget is similar to last year. Wes Storm was appointed as the Trustee and Registered Agent for the Club.

The Schedule of Events (2019) was discussed. President Read ask for deletions and or additions to the Schedule of Events. Any corrections will be made in the next newsletter.

Don Hrabik reported on the Western Farm Show Scheduled for Feb.22-24, 2019. The theme this year is THANK A VETRAN. Will bring the tractors and other items in on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2019. All of the tractors in the display belonged to veterans who recently passed away. The Ag Hall of Fame will be a part of our display to help make people be aware of the Ag Hall of Fame. In the slack time during the show the Tractor Cruise mailing will be done.

The Shawnee Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, Tractor Show, and Heroes Pull was discussed by Joe Meyer and Jon Pirie. The discussion included parking, line-up, parade and the Heroes Pull. The activity is on Sunday, March 10, 2019.

Don Hrabik discussed the Barn Yard Babies Family Festival activities that will take place on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the Ag Hall of Fame. Club members should bring tractors for display. Drivers will also be needed for people movers.

Frank and Don discussed the Ag Hall Tractor Cruise scheduled for Saturday, May 4, 2019. Route will be shorter this year (24 miles) and will start at the Ag Hall of Fame, then to the Wyandotte County Lake for a break, on to Cabela’s for lunch and then back to the Ag Hall (2:30pm or 3:00 pm) for snacks and load up to go home. Lunch will be provided for the drivers. Since the tractor cruise was not officially approved at the November 2018 meeting, Justin Mooney made a motion to have the tractor cruise and Bryce York seconded. Motion passed.

An alternate area to have the 2020 tractor cruise was discussed. It will be important to have personnel who know that area, the local resources, and be able to help the Club to organize the cruise. This can be a point of discussion at the April meeting.

The McMclouth Tractor Show was discussed. Rick Stit via Don Hrabik mentioned they will be featuring John Deere this year and asked if our club would like to participate. A show of hands showed an interest in the show. They would provide a tent for the club.

President Read mentioned that George Reed offered to host the Sunday, Nov. 3, 2019 meeting. Don Hrabik moved to accept the location and Marvin Halvorsen seconded. Motion passed.

The tractor for the Club button (2019) was discussed. Jon Pirie suggested the JD model BR tractor (Bill Eagleburger) would be fine. Bryce York moved to use the JD model BR tractor and Bob Antes seconded. Motion passed.

Joe Meyer asked if the club wanted a silent auction again at the April meeting. The President said, “yes”, and mentioned Gloria Eagleburger had some things for the Club that could be used.

Service awards were presented to: Wes Storm (Historian and Trustee), Jay Pruett (Treasurer and board member), Kenny Read (Host-Nov. meeting), Joe Steineger (Tractor Cruise), Don Hrabik (Tractor Cruise and Ag Hall board) Joe Meyer (April meeting, 2nd Vice President, board member and Tractor Cruise), Frank VanFleet (Tractor Cruise), Lloyd Mesmer (3rd Vice President, board member and Plow Day), Jon Pirie( 1st Vice President, board member and scholarship), and Justin Mooney (Secretary, board member and newsletter).

Installation of officers for 2019 who were nominated and approved at the Nov. 2018 meeting are as follows:

Justin Read — President

Jon Pirie — 1st Vice President

Joe Meyer — 2nd Vice President

Lloyd Mesmer — 3rd Vice President

Justin Mooney — Secretary

Jay Pruett — Treasurer

Bryce York moved to close the meeting and Don Hrabik seconded. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned 2:34 pm

Club donated $50 to the Trailside Center for use of facilities.

Following the meeting some members expressed an interest in purchasing the large club flag (3X5), etc. Don Hrabik will check and report back at the April meeting.