GKCTCC Meeting Minutes
Feb. 5, 2017 at 1 PM
Trailside Center--99th and Holmes

President Wes Storm opened the meeting with Marietta Rogers singing the
Star Spangled Banner in absentia at 1:03 p.m..

New members were introduced. Brothers: Justin Mooney and Troy Mooney.

New officers for 2017 were introduced – Justin Read (President), Bryce York (1st Vice President), Joe Meyer (2nd Vice President), Lloyd Mesmer (3rd Vice President), Jay Pruett (Treasurer), open (Secretary), and Francis Brenner (Historian).

President Storm passed out service gifts for 2016 to Bryce York, Joe Meyer, Lloyd Mesmer, Frances Brenner, Jay Pruett, Don Hrabik, Frank Van Fleet, Joe Steinger, Bill Eagleburger, and Bob Antes.

New members asked about tractor games. Past President Wes Storm discussed the possible different games we have had at events in the past.

President Read started the New Year with the financial report. Treasurer Jay Pruett passed out a mini budget (2017). Ended up great for the 2016 year with a good plan for 2017. Went through income and expenses for the 2016 year with estimated budget ($8,000) for 2017. Bryce moved to accept as presented and Wes seconded. Motion passed.

Don Hrabik discussed the Western Farm Show display on Feb. 24-26, 2017. Booth will be 3000A upstairs. Will move in on Tues. Feb. 21 around 2:00 p.m. Theme this year will be the BIGGEST and the SMALLEST tractors (JD 830 being the largest and the smallest being a JD LA Industrial). Other items on display will include toys, pictures, video and flowers. We will be stuffing envelopes for the tractor cruise during this time.

Don Hrabik and Frank Van Fleet discussed the Tractor Cruise that will take place on May 6, 2017 at the National Ag Center and Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs. The route (30 miles) will be from the Ag Hall to the Marble Days Parade (Bonner Springs), break at Nuts and Bolts Hardware, lunch at Wyandotte County Lake, a break at Cabela’s, then back to the Ag Hall for a barbecue dinner (5:30). Hopefully the scenic route will allow more people to view the cruise. Any color of tractor that can go around 10 mph is welcome. Tractors should have SMV safety sign. Last year the club raised around $4,000 in donations for the Ag Hall. Tractor cruise information will be prepared for mailing during the Farm Show and then sent out.

Don Hrabik discussed Barn Yard Babies Festival at the Ag Hall on April 22, 2017. This will take the place of Tractor Daze/Touch-A-Truck held last year on June 4, 2016. Festival this year will include many kid type activities to generate a larger audience. Tractors will need to be in abundance for a variety of activities along with small animals, pedal tractor pulls, displays, etc. Tractors will need to be in place on Friday.

The 2017 Schedule of Events was discussed. President Read ask for corrections and/or additions. The Shawnee St. Patrick’s Parade will be added (March 12,, 2017 1:00 p.m.). There will be a mailing of some sort (letter or newsletter) for the membership, because no one wants to miss the delicious barbecue on April 2nd. Let Justin know if there are any more subtractions or additions for the 2017 Schedule of Events so that it can be approved at the April meeting for our liability insurance.

Bryce York talked about the Glenn Ratzlaff Scholarship Award (2016) that was presented to a young man who is going to McPherson College. President Read mentioned the scholarship fund raffle will be kicked off at the April meeting. Frank Van Fleet moved the club continue the raffle. Lloyd Mesmer seconded. Motion passed. As in the past, each member will get 20 tickets to sell or buy for $1 each for the scholarship fund. In no way is it a requirement, but by working together we can help a young person be successful in life. Bryce asked if anyone knows of someone who would be a prospective candidate to let the committee (3 Vice Presidents) know.

Other items discussed included: Silent auction at the April 2nd meeting, using less club buttons, June 4, 2017 club meeting at Ag Hall will include a picnic, a tractor picture needed for the 2017 button and Bryce York mentioned his on-line-auction in April. A thank you card from the Addison family was read to the members in appreciation of the club support and friendship.

Door prize (2016 tractor cruise hat) was won by Don Hrabik but said to draw again. Eugene Rogers won the redrawing.
Motion to dismiss was made by Bryce, and Dalamar seconded. Motion passed. 2:11 p.m.