GKCTCC Meeting Minutes
Nov. 4, 2018, 2:00 p.m.
Kenny Read Farm

President Read called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance. New members and/or guests were introduced.

President Read asked for approval of June meeting minutes. Don Hrabik moved to accept them. Wes Storm seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer Jay Pruett provided a financial report from June on. It Included expenditures, dues, donations, raffle funds and parade winnings leaving around $8,300 in club account and $1,700 in scholarship fund. Bryce York moved to accept the financial report, George Read seconded. Motion passed.

Jon Pirie mentioned the raffle ticket purchase is for the Glen Ratzlaff Scholarship Fund each year. The three Vice Presidents go through a formal process of selecting a scholarship recipient each year: Cody Schlesener for 2018, Zack Gudenkauf (2017). Each recipient shared their schooling and work experience along with the importance of the scholarship.

2019 meeting locations were discussed; Feb. 10, 2919 1;00 p.m. (Trailside Center), April 7, 2019, 1:00 p.m. (Joe Meyer), June 2, 2019, 1:00 p.m. ( Ag Hall Center and Hall of Fame) and Nov.3, 2019, 2:00 p.m. (OPEN). Don Hrabik moved to accept meeting locations. Herman Sache seconded. Motion passed.

Western Farm Show is scheduled for February 22- 24, 2019 (Fri., Sat, Sun.) Set up will be on February 19, 2019 depending upon the weather. Theme and type of tractor display were discussed. Don discussed a good connection with the military parade and the Farm Show idea (Ag Hall/Thank A Veteran). The Club could use Paul Ante’s tractor and other tractors in the show. (Thank a Veteran Theme) will be in the Leavenworth Parade on Monday November 11, 10:30 p.m. Regarding a tractor button for 2019, it could also use the military theme. Wes Storm moved to accept the concept. Don Hrabik seconded. Motion passed.

Veteran Flag Raising at the Ag. Hall on November 16, 2018, 7:00 a.m. (Sunrise) was discussed. It will include many soldiers from all over. Plan to be there early.

The Santa Express Program and a Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at the Ag Hall were discussed. Santa Express is on Dec. 8-9 (Sat. 10-4) (Sun. Noon-4). They will need some tractor drivers. The dinner is on November 7, to thank the many volunteers at the Ag Hall.

The McClouth Tractor Show for 2019 was mentioned because it will feature John Deere and they would like our club to participate. Rick Stit mentioned via Don Hrabik that they could provide a space for a club meeting if needed. Since our November meeting date is open, he will check it out and report back at the February meeting. (Update: location is not heated and not suitable for the November meeting.)

A 2019 budget committee was established that includes: Don Hrabik, Bryce York and Wes Storm along with the club officers. The meeting will take place in the near future (Jan 15th) at the Don Hrabik’s home, 6206 Craig St., Merriam, KS.

President Read presented a slate of officers for 2019 (same as in 2018) and asked for anyone else interested in a position. With no response, Don Hrabik moved to accept the same 2018 officers for 2019. Dalamar Read seconded. Motion passed. They will be installed at the February meeting.

The 2019 Ag Hall Tractor Cruise was discussed. After many years it has become difficult to establish a creative route. One idea that the group seemed to like was doing a reverse route as in the past with the route being shorter and ending sooner. The route would include the following: leave from the Ag. Hall -- morning break at Wyandotte Co Lake, Cabelas for lunch -- then back to the Ag. Hall (2:30 p.m.) for snacks and then home. Many members favored the idea. Frank VanFleet, Don Hrabik and Joe Steineger will work with a few more members to develop a plan and present it at the February meeting. It was suggested that the cruise day be May 4, 2019 which would not conflict with race day. The Ag Hall Cruise was decision was officially tabled until the February meeting.

President Read discussed the allotted donations for 2018. Following a long discussion, Bryce York moved $250 to the Ag. Hall and Kenny Read moved $250 to the Wounded Warriors Organization for a total of $500. Wes Storm seconded both motions. Motions passed.

President Read mentioned he went to the John Deere 100 year celebration in June. There was a new organization called Classic Green that had their first meeting. It is not so much about tractors but people forming friendships and promoting local events. Memberships are $25 and available only online. There will be a Classic Green Reunion (Show), June 13-15, 2019 at Fonner Park in Grand Island, NE.

President Read mentioned our club is moving toward being Tech savy so it will be important to have member Emails if possible.

Drawing prize winners were Herman Sache, John Pirie, Janice Hrabik and Don Kerby.

Dalamar Read moved to close the meeting. Don Hrabik seconded. Motion pasted.

Raffle drawing was held following the meeting:

Bobby Bonar $250

Steve Kellar $50

Ron Brittain $50

Tom Lynch $50

Jim Arnote $50

Leo Kurzweil $50

Fundraising Auction followed the Raffle with many treats being consumed in the process.