GKTCC Meeting Minutes

November 5, 2017 2 PM

G. A. Salmon Farm

President Read opened the meeting with the flag salute. New member (Michael Surber) and honorary member (Linda Ratzlaff) were introduced. Wes Storm moved and Bob Antes seconded to accept the minutes of the June meeting as presented in the newsletter. Motion passed.

Financial report was presented by Treasurer Pruitt. After presenting expenditures along with collections the club balance as of Hallow-een is $9,481.08. Don Hrabik moved to accept the report as presented. Lloyd Mesmer seconded. Motion passed.

Meeting locations for 2018 were discussed. (Feb. 11, 2018 KCPD South Patrol) (April 1, 2018 Overland Tow) (June 3, 2018 Ag. Hall of Fame) and (Nov. 4, 2018 Kenny Read Farm). Dalamar Read moved to accept meeting locations as presented. Don Hrabik seconded. Motion passed.

Western Farm Show on February 23-25, 2018 was discussed. Booth space (3000A) will be the same as last year at the American Royal Building (no charge). The plan is to move in on Tuesday, February 20 around 3:00 p.m. Display will consist of 3 tractors, toys in show case, pictures and video. The three tractors will include a 1950 John Deere MT (Steve Reed), 1959 John Deere 630 (George McPherson) and 1937 John Deere A (Dave Mooney). Richard Thompson will be asked to bring toys again. Badges will be available on Tuesday during setup for members working the booth during the show.

Ag. Hall of Fame Tractor Cruise for 2018 was discussed. Don Hrabik, Frank Van Fleet, Joe Steineger and Bill Eagleburger agreed to organize the cruise. May 5, 2018 (Sat.) was the favorable date discussed. If approved the group would establish a route that would be a little different route from last year but will include the Marble Days Parade and beautiful Wyandotte County lake again,. Last year the cruise included around 40 tractors but would like more for the 2018 cruise. More publicity will let people know. Wes Storm moved to approve the tractor cruise. Justin Mooney seconded. Motion passed.

Treasurer Pruitt discussed the 2018 St. Patrick Parade in Shawnee with a new twist. It involves the Special Olympics and they are look-ing for sponsors for the event. Since the club makes donations every year to different organizations, the Special Olympics could be included this year. The club could display tractors during their (Heroes Pull) along with our club name included on a t-shirt --- a great idea from Jon Pirie. Treasurer Pruitt moved to donate $150 to sponsor a Special Olympics of Kansas and participate in this event on March 11. Troy Mooney seconded. Motion passed.

2018 budget committee was discussed. Present board members plus Wes Storm and Don Hrabik will make up the committee. Date will be established later.

Club officers for 2018 were discussed. Wes Storm will take over as club historian from Francis Brenner. Jon Pirie has offered to be 1st Vice President, Joe Meyer as 2nd Vice President, Lloyd Mesmer as 3rd Vice President and Jay Pruitt as Treasurer. Two positions were open, President and Secretary. Following a long discussion, Justin Mooney might have interest in Secretary but will think about it.

Justin Read mentioned he would be President again. Wes Storm moved to accept the slate of officers for 2018 as discussed. Dalamar Read seconded. Motion passed.

Picture for the 2018 Tractor Button was discussed. Justin Mooney offered his 1948 John Deere B for the button. He will send picture to President Read.

Wes Storm mentioned a Christmas Parade Dec. 7 (4:00 p m) in Oak Grove. Tractors will need lights. Check with Wes if interested.

Lloyd Mesmer mentioned that plow day was called off due to wet ground --- beans have not been cut yet. Maybe it could be set up for November 11 with weather permitting.

Donations for different organizations were discussed ($300 Harvesters), ($300 Ag. Hall - $200 Board of Directors plus $100 donation), ($50 Three Trailside Center), and ($150 Special Olympics of Kansas). Don Hrabik moved to approve all donations for 2017 as discussed. Lloyd Mesmer seconded. Motion passed.

There was a question regarding the club scholarship but little information was available to discuss it. President Read will follow up on the topic at the next meeting.

Justin Read discussed the website in general and to work towards getting the site registered in the clubs name.

Prize drawing winners were too numerous to mention. The club thanked the G.A. Salmon family for their hospitality.

Wes Storm moved to close the meeting. Don Hrabik seconded. Motion passed. Meeting ended: 5:30 p.m.