Fall Plow Day (Bonner Springs, KS) -- November 3, 2018, 8 AM

Plow day was a huge success west of Bonner Springs on Sat., Nov. 3, 2018. We had ten tractors come to plow. The custom combine man arrived about noon the day before so we had all the area we wanted to plow.

Van Fleet, Frank came with a JD 4430 and 3x16 rollover

Antes, Bob came with a JD 630 and 3x16 3 point

Mesmer, Lloyd came with a JD 620 and 3x16 3 point

Storm, Wes came with a JD G and a 3x13 3 point

Hanna, Dan came with a JD 60 and a 3x16 3 point

McPherson, George came with a JD G and a 3x16 3 trailer

Miller, Earl came with a Case 630 and 2x14 trailer

Hrabik, Don came with a JD 520 and a 2x16 3point

Mesmer, Brenda came with a Ford 850 and a 3x14 3 point

Brittain, Ron came with an IH 1208 and a 5x16 semi mount

Even the best plans of men sometimes do not turn out to the satisfaction of all. Disappointment came early when the starter on Wes’ G failed. Then later Don’s 2x16 plow had a shear break in two pieces and the front half was plowed under. Brenda came to a sandy spot and spun out leaving no soil under the drive wheels and needed a pull from Bob.

Seven of us went to Kelley’s in Basehor for lunch. By 3:30 p.m. we were all loaded and gone for home.