Buckner Festival in the Valley--Sept. 21, 2013

Buckner, MO.

What a great day we had Saturday morning driving our beloved Green and Yellow John Deere tractors enjoying the brisk morning air driving thru the countryside getting to view the fall crops of corn and beans going to the Buckner Festival in the Valley. The morning fog could be seen over shadowing the crops and the beautiful landscape of the ďlittle cityĒ in the valley, Buckner, Missouri. For those of you who have not experienced that sight  are missing something. Several club members along with their wives came and enjoy the parade and the festivities following. Those in attendance were Bob and Sharon Antes with their JD 630 and 430, Harold and Linda Kurzwell with his JD 730, Wes and Jan Storm along with Travis with his JD 630, Phil Addison driving a JD 420, Ron and Jenny Brittain with his JD 830 and his 1206 International driven by George Reed accompanied by his faithful side kick Betty, Francis and Bernie Brenner driving his JD B, John and Melanie Peterson driving his Porsche Diesel, Don Hrabik with his JD 430 W and Dan and Sandy Hanna with his JD 60. Jerry and Bev Lee were there, however he was not able to drive a tractor because of a recent back surgery. Everyone who started on our mini tractor cruise from Danís home to the festival and parade finished without any issues.

After the parade everyone went back to Dan and Sandyís house for a cookout. There were some pretty awesome dishes prepared by the wives and I donít think that anyone went away hungry. Next year, anyone who hasnít experience this exciting venue, should come and see what you have been missing. I donít think that you would be disappointed.  

Dan Hanna