GKCTCC  Picnic/Meeting - June 2, 2013

1:00 p.m.

Bonner Springs, Kansas


The club had their 3rd meeting of the year on Sunday, June 2, 2013, at the Ag Hall of Fame.  This was the meeting with a picnic (1:00 p.m.) and a meeting (2:00 p.m.).  Thirty people came out on a nice day to enjoy the food and hospitality.  Following the picnic a number of topics were discussed in the meeting.  Minutes from the April meeting were approved, Jay Pruett provided a financial report, Tractor Cruise Post Mortem and Tractor Daze/Touch a Truck with Swap Meet (July 12, 13) were discussed. Two important points during the discussion included the following:  (1) “ONLY TRACTORS” will be approved for the tractor cruise, Missouri State Fair parade and American Royal Parade.  Exceptions will be a vehicle carrying the club sign or built into the theme of the parade.  Club action will take place at the Nov. meeting.  (2) Two volunteer “WORK DAYS” (June 15 and July 6, 9:00 a.m.) were established at the Ag Hall to help as needed to make the museum presentable for the July 12-13 event.  A number of members present at the meeting expressed an interest in helping with the project.  If you are available, please give the President a call (913/262-5904).  Thanks to everyone for coming and enjoying the day



I thought  I would drive on over



Women and children eat last


Guess who is playing the air guitar


Say cheese


Joe I think you may be putting them asleep


Wheres the food


Boy there is a couple of thornes


Vote on no more Doodlebugs allowed on tractor cruise