Lone Jack MO Parade--August 17, 2013


Lone Jack, MO

Seven club members from Missouri and the President from Kansas  traveled to Lone Jack, Mo. on Saturday, August 17, 2013 to participate in their parade.  After unloading the tractors they enjoyed a pancake feed before heading to the line up at the high school.  The weather was beautiful which made for an enjoyable day. The crowd was not large but neither is Lone Jack.  Members participating in the parade included: Ron Britton (JD 830), Bob Antes (JD 530), Wes Storm (JD AR), Dan Hanna (JD 60), Glenn Ratliff (JD A), Charles Eagleburger (Farmall 1206), Phil Addison (JD 420) and Don Hrabik (JD 430 W).  Thanks to everyone for coming and enjoying the morning.