Powell Gardens---October 4-6, 2013



Harvest Celebration & Antique Tractor, Engine & Equipment Show


The Powell Gardens Tractor, Engine & Equipment Show was held on Fri.- Sun., October 4-6 in a beautiful setting.  I guess you could say it was “Cool” and “Cool”. one “Cool” for the weather and another one for the show.  International was the feature tractor with many other brands on display.  Other activities included:  small engines display, miniature machine display, lawn mower display, parade of power, pedal tractor pull, tractor games and many other activities organized by the host.  The GKCTCC had a large display of tractors.  Approximately 17 club members brought one or more tractors or helped with other activities.  Thanks to Powell Gardens for a “Cool” show on a “Cool” weekend.


Winners in the tractor games included:  SATURDAY - (Quick start electric) 1st - Glen Dieckman, 2nd - Mark Mallinson, 3rd - Wes Storm.  (Slow forward) 1st -Glenn Ratzlaff, 2nd - Don Hrabik, 3rd - Frances Brenner.  (Slow reverse) 1st - Mark Mallinson, 2nd - Don Hrabik, 3rd - Francis Brenner.  (Quick reverse) 1st - Glenn Ratzlaff, 2nd - Steve ?, 3rd - William Deboer. (Quick forward) 1st - Wes Storm, 2nd - Glenn Diekman, 3rd - Make Neff.  (Coiling chain in circle) 1st - Mark Mallinson, 2nd -William Deboer, 3rd - Mark Mallinson,  (Barrel roll) 1st - Glenn Diekman, 2nd - Glenn Ratzlaff , 3 rd - Mark Mallinson.  SUNDAY  (Quick start electric) 1st - Wes Storm, 2nd - Paul Cummings, 3rd - Glenn Diekman (Slow forward)  1st - Glenn Ratzlaff, 2nd - Don Hrabik, 3rd - George Hess (Slow reverse)  1st - George Hess, 2nd - Wes Storm, 3rd - Paul Cummings. (Quick forward) 1st - Wes Storm, 2nd - Glenn Diekman, 3rd -William Deboer.  (Coiling chain in circle) lst - William Deboer, 2nd - Francis Brenner, 3rd Glenn Diekman.  (Barrel roll)  1st - George Hess, 2nd -Paul Cummings, 3rd  - William Deboer.  Thanks to everyone who participated in the tractor games.