Maple Leaf Festival Parade - Baldwin City, KS - October 20th 2018 11 AM

The GKCTCC is set to participate in the Maple Leaf Festival Parade on October 20th starting at 11 AM. Jon Pirie has provided the following information about the parade:

1. Parade begins at 1100 hrs and the route starts at 3rd & High St, turns north on 6th St to Chapel. Parade starts forming at 0900, entries must be in place by 1030 hrs.

2. Staging area: Hwy 56 & High St on the east side of Baldwin. Parade director will give line up # at that time.

3. Trailer unload: North 250 Rd (north of Hwy 56 and High St).

I (Jon) plan to leave Olathe, KS about 0830 hrs and arrive in Baldwin City, KS about 0900 hrs. If anyone wants to meet me in Olathe the morning of the event and caravan, I can be reached at 913-238-2505.

More info: